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We are looking to continue growing our current successful retail outlet network with our customized franchise system. We are seeking to partner with qualified professionals with energy and drive who are capable of using our systems and support to further their own success.


Inter Computers is keen to work with entrepreneurs and professionals from various backgrounds to build strong and successful franchises. Our extensive retail experience provides our independent franchisees the direction and support that helps them achieve the goals they have for their business.



Inter Computers Franchise Frequently Asked Questions


Why Franchising?

Franchising Shows You The Way. Be in business for yourself – but not by yourself.

Franchising has become a driving force to economies around the world, offering proven business structures for entrepreneurs to deliver goods and services locally with the strength of national brand names and the processes behind them. Franchising is the fastest growth area in the South African economy. A franchise organization combines the drive and ambition of independent business owners with the experience and expertise of an established company. The result can lead to a rewarding partnership for both participants.


In comparison to many other franchises in the world today, Inter Computers is a unique organization. The reason behind its success is that most of the franchisees currently involved with Inter Computers either owned an existing business, held management positions, had strong IT marketing and sales experience or saw the value in our franchise opportunity and had a strong desire to succeed when coming on board with us.


Proven Systems Can Guide You to Achieving Success! When becoming part of the Inter Computers family, you benefit immediately from an exceptional team that has proven experience in developing a successful retail product and franchise systems and running successful companies.


Opportunity to Succeed. Inter Computers shows you the must-have ingredients for your business’ success and how your business can provide you with not only a better standard of living now, but how to drive it to become a solid asset in the future.


Is Franchising Right for You?

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in our growing franchise family, you must complete an application and forward it to our review panel for review and approval. Inter Computers will consider applicants who possess the following qualifications:

Financial Qualifications. All applicants must meet minimum financial qualifications and be in a position to properly capitalize the franchise investment including working capital and personal living expenses during the start-up period.


Team Player. We look for people who work well with others, openly share and participate and who will make a contribution to Inter Computers overall success. Methods of participation include local and regional functions, online communication and forums and attending the Annual Conference. We are looking for people with who want everybody to succeed and will offer suggestions to solve problems.


People Person. To truly embrace Inter Computers culture and franchise system, you must enjoy working with the public, possess strong problem solving skills and truly understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service. You must believe that the Customer is the KING.


Attention to Detail. The Inter Computers franchise system has evolved through the years based on industry experience, consumer needs, technology, franchisee feedback and competition. In order to take full advantage of the Inter Computers system, you must be prepared to embrace the operational details of Inter Computers best business practices.


Level of Enthusiasm. At Inter Computers, we believe that next to personal and financial qualifications, enthusiasm is a key success factor. For that reason, we look for people who exhibit a high level of enthusiasm and are motivated to succeed. Building a successful business takes dedication, high levels of compliance and hard work, which is driven and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of its leadership.


Core Values for Successful Franchisees.


7 Critical Core Values for Franchisee Success.

  1. Treat employees with respect and trust and understand they are a valuable resource rather than an expense.
  2. Follow the Franchisor’ System, if the franchisee won’t follow the system, chances are they won’t do well. Entrepreneurs can get bored quickly working within someone else’s system. Successful franchisees are Entrepreneurs that can work within the system.
  3. Treat customers well, customers tend to gravitate to businesses and people that make them feel special.
  4. Have a positive attitude for success. People with negative attitudes are looking for reasons it won’t work, they do not accept responsibility for their own successes or failures.
  5. Be comfortable dealing with people, an extreme introvert, would have a tough time as a franchisee.
  6. Be comfortable with local store marketing, successful franchisees make things happen, they don’t wait for the world to beat a path to their door.
  7. Have a strong work ethic, few franchisees become successful without putting in huge amounts of effort.


Qualification Requirements?

The Franchisees most able to reap the rewards of franchising have a strong sense of purpose. They are dynamic individuals or corporations who superimpose their creative talents upon those of the franchisor to refine the system. They are of high integrity, friendly and people orientated, while exhibiting a combination of outstanding management, marketing and sales skills.


The following is a list of some of the characteristics we look for when considering an application.

  • A strong desire to succeed
  • A background in business, retail sales and/or marketing
  • High level of integrity
  • Be involved with the community around you
  • The ability to develop, recruit, maintain and motivate a network of customers.
  • The willingness and ability to personally devote the necessary time and effort to day-to-day operations
  • An understanding that in a franchise you will be in business for yourself but not by yourself
  • A willingness to follow a system – compliance is critical in an effective franchise system
  • Knowledge of computers is a prerequisite


Two levels of franchise stores are offered – a super store of R 650,000 and a mid-range store at R 395,000. Deemed market potential, site location etc determine which size outlet is appropriate in target areas. In both cases up to R 150,000 of additional working capital will be required for stock purposes. More details can be obtained from Rob Packham - contact us


Why Inter Computers?

An exclusive territory
Innovative and unique market penetration opportunity
Non-Exclusive use of Trademarks & logos
Computer experience required
Service orientation required
No retail experience required – but great if you have it
Minimal advertising fund contribution
Comprehensive initial training program
On-going support provided
Proprietary and custom Point of Sale software packages
Annual conference and awards functions
Franchise owners support and guidance
Excellent support team at head office
Years of experience in business
Preferred Vendor Programs
Assistance in securing financing
Intranet system for communication
Name brand recognition
Assistance with site selection


Earnings Claims?

While we can not tell you how much you might earn, we can give you information from our current retail network. Your financial success is directly related to your ambition, (your hard work & dedication) your ability to follow a model, make sound business decisions, and your commitment to maximize the opportunity our franchise system offers. Please contact:


Rob Packham
Tel  082 454 0885
for more information.


You will appreciate we do not furnish or authorise our sales persons to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales, costs, income or profits of Inter Computers Computer shops or dealerships. Actual results vary per site and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. This is information relating solely to historical sales and expense information regarding existing Inter Computers Computer stores. No inference as to expenses, costs of goods or profits relating to future franchised Inter Computers Computer stores should be drawn from them.


A new franchisee’s individual financial results are likely to differ from the financial results presented for the reporting stores above. Furthermore, sales and net income of any new Inter Computers Computer outlet are likely to be substantially lower during the first year of operation than the sales in later years. We do not provide prospective franchisees with projections or forecasts of sales, profits or earnings, we will, however, share our best estimates with you. Actual results may vary by region, market potential, the franchisee’s managerial skill, competition and other factors beyond our control.


You are strongly advised to perform an independent investigation of this opportunity to determine whether or not the franchise may be profitable and to consult your attorney, accountant, and other professional advisor before entering into a franchise agreement. As a minimum you should construct your own pro forma cash flow statement, balance sheet, and statement of operations, and make your own financial projections regarding sales, revenues, costs, customer base, and business development for your own Inter Computers Computer store.


We do not make any written or oral representations or statements of actual, average, projected, or forecasted sales, profits, or earnings to prospective franchisees or developers. We do not furnish any oral or other written information concerning the actual or potential sales, costs, or income of your business. We do not authorize any person representing us to furnish such information or to represent or estimate to prospective franchisees, any Rand value figures relating to a franchisee’s operation. We will not be bound by allegations of any unauthorised representations as to earnings, sales, profits, or prospects or chances for success.


Does Inter Computers offer assistance in securing financing?

We can certainly provide assistance in securing financing for your furniture, fixtures, equipment and signage, as well as certain leasehold improvements for new and existing Inter Computers Computer stores through a third party. Of course, you’re also welcome to secure financing through a lender of your choice.


What type of training do you provide?

We have a comprehensive three-part training process which includes training in a classroom environment at our corporate head office, local in-store training and on-site support in your store during the opening week. Our local in-store and classroom training include almost 40 hours of information and instruction including the Development of your Business Plan, Store Opening Timeline, procurement/merchandise assortment, inventory control, financial analysis/expense control and much, much more.


Do I receive field assistance in opening myInter Computers Computer store?

Yes. In addition to our comprehensive training program, a franchise field consultants will work with you in your store during the first week of operation.


What type of continuing field support will I receive?

You will receive the Inter Computers Franchise Business Owners Manual and the Store Operations Manual to help you with day-to-day operations. You’ll also receive field support from a dedicated field support expert as well as assistance and guidance with ongoing purchasing services, inventory control, financial services, technical assistance as well as guidance and resources with your promotional, operational and business needs.


Can I have more than one store?

Yes. Like any other business, you have the opportunity to own multi-unit operations as long as you meet our financial, operational and management qualifications as well as maintain good standings within our system.


How do I get started?

Complete our Franchise application or call and speak to:


Rob Packham
Tel  082 454 0885


Our 6 Step Getting Started Process.

To learn more about our franchise opportunities, follow this 6-Step procedure:


Step 1
Request more information. You’ll receive an electronic package of information once you have contacted us.


Step 2
Spend time reviewing the electronic information package. It will give you a good overview of our franchise opportunity as well as franchising in general.


Step 3
Fill in the application form and suitability spreadsheet and return it back to:


Rob Packham
Tel 082 454 0885


We will then analyze your feedback and arrange an appointment to meet so that you can get an understanding of who we are and what we do. Plan to tell us more about yourself too; it is a two way information sharing process.


Step 4
If you qualify, you will then be invited to a Discovery Day at our Corporate Head Office. This is your opportunity to see for yourself what Inter Computers is all about. You’ll have the chance to learn about our history, our present and our future as well as meet some of our key dedicated people, ask questions and visit several Inter Computers Computer stores.


Step 5
After Discovery Day, you’ll review the documents provided, meet with your accountant and attorney and then decide if Inter Computers is right for you.


Step 6
Once we’ve both agreed to become strategic partners and we’ve approved the appropriate agreements and qualification forms, we can get started in site selection and the planning and opening of your very own Inter Computers Computer store.